Part I + Part II

Reflective Journal

Self Portrait Part1


On June 12, we started our first project which is creating a "Self-Portrait". By following the instructions, I tried many different ways of shooting a self-portrait. 


 When I thought about portrait, I always thought about the idea of constraint, a moment trapped into a fatten paper. I noticed that I used objects a lot in my pictures and I showed great interests in chairs. I was trying to imitate the shape of chair and that made me wonder why. Not only because of t the legs of the chair looks like human body parts, but also the chair provides service just like human being does. I was not quite sure about this similarity between human and objects like chairs, but the pictures showed a intimacy between me and those objects. After looking through all the pictures I took, I realized there's one common thing in all of my pictures, which is I tried to blending myself with objects into the environment. I felt that I was trying to hide part of my body features subconsciously, with doing that, I hide part of my identity as well. 

Then I carried along my experimental idea that I tried in my room and reshoot them with same gesture in the school. The location was quiet and the lightning was bleak as its surroundings. The bare feet represented the vulnerability of myself. I was deciding how much body feature I should expose in the picture and I thought the idea of "fusion" worked better without showing too much of my body. Arms and legs gave enough information for audience to identify that it's a person. 


Choosing the specific portrait I want to dive in.

Considering the background. 

Developing more iterations. 

All should be done by tomorrow.


Self Portrait Part2

One June 14, we carried on our self portrait project and kept developing base on what we had. 



-Trying to be part of the furniture 

These comments were what I received today during the critic. I was glad someone mentioned about the idea of being part of a specific idea. And the picture was actually creepy itself because of the gesture and surrounding. I think the feedback I got reinforced my intention which is to embody myself into surrounding or hiding myself. It pushed me further to think about why I am hiding and what I am hiding from? 

Different locations gave different meaning to my work. If I put them into school, it might represents stress since the chair I was using is the kind of chair you can find in the school and the location can be identified as a classroom. I was leaning or trapping into the chair maybe because I was drawn by the school work. But if I put it in front of a movie theater, it might be a promotion of a horror movie because of the gesture. Also, if it is large enough to be a propaganda on the wall, it might has the connotation of criticizing about objectifying people in the society and that made me think about gender issue since female are always objectified in a male-dominated society. So I wondered what it would be like if the gesture was performed by female. 

I had a hard time pushing my portrait forward this afternoon, I did not know where I should dive in. I wanted to turn it into 3D work but I can not achieve that due to the shot angle I chose. Then I started to think about the two main components of my picture, chair and body. From the silhouettes. it turned out the body parts leave stronger impression to me and the silhouette emphasized the gesture somehow. 

15 June Celebrating Archway

On Jun 15, we were assigned the new project named "Celebrating Archway" that we have to focus on local sites. I was allocated to Hanley Estates. 

From the name of the site I would tell that it's a agency about real estates and I did not what to do about it because it is not like a store or shop, in stead of selling fruits or products they sell properties. The place is located near a grocery store with an eye-catching black background board with "Hanley" in pumpkin orange. I took some pictures from the outside and the orange letters really stand out from the street due to the brightness. After a brief interview with the staff there, I knew some ways of promotions they used. For instance, they works with many estate apps like Zoopla, putting advertisement around and the estate information boards inside the room. 

Afterwards, I drew down the image of the estate in my sketchbooks and I realized that their color scheme is quite interesting, which is black white orange and grey. This set of colors is applied to not only the whole exterior but also the estate information. I found them very unified as a whole system. But their interior does not follow that system. I think it may be better if they does that in the interior design. 

Five assets I found about this place: 

1.The eye-catching orange is the great part of this estate agency since the tone of the street is desaturated and the bright orange works very well on catching attention and easy to be identified from the street. 

2.The unified color scheme in promotion board. Like every estate agency, Hanley's estate has several information board for customer to look at beside the giant window. The orange is utilized in those board as well. They highlight important information with orange and the way they arrange them is very dynamic and unified. 

3.The communication is very important in this specific area of service and Hanley does a great job on that according to their clients' feedback. As a third party, they plays an important role since they have multiple agendas such as satisfying buyer and owner as well as agency's interests. Balance is very essential for them and I think the unique position agency has is quite an interesting point to investigate.

4.The interior design they has is very domestic because they has sofas and green plants as well as a book shelf with magazines. They has distinct sections for clients and staff. 

5.The design of logo is quite interesting. There are two version of that and they look very delicate. But the orange is implied in both version. 

I want to know more about the clients information from them such as which majority of people seeking estate around here and what' their professions or maybe income. Also what's the rating of this company and what's people's feedbacks. 


19 June Celebrating Archway

Today I was trying to finalize what the final outcome should be and experiment with it. 

I had three rough ideas and I chose the third one. I called it the "EXECUTIVE TOY PROJECT". I thought the three objects represent two "destinations" and one "middle stop", which could explain the function of an agency. The middle sphere is the bridge of two point and they are equally weighted because they are all important. The balance or the connection will be shown while I move them collectively. One of them was moved and the rest of them will be affected because of the thread. There's a balance between all of three spheres since they have to follow the physical rules. 

I crafted a "executive toy" and I experimented by throwing them into the air. I was trying to create this free fall and capture the moment when they are in the air. I liked the irregular shape or combination they had in the air since they had so much different ways because of the gravity. It shares a little similarity of the "Three Body problem" research because of the unpredictable movement. The whole process was throwing and catching, so there's pause between each movement, I felt like I was waiting for fireworks to explode in the sky because you will never know how it looks like until they are in the air. The different shapes the "toy" made in the air created a tension because the three spheres were connected by thread, they had the willing to fall apart but they failed to do so due to the thread. They pulled each other back together no matter what direction I threw them and how I threw them. That also made me wondering what other kind of ways I can create this motion.

The video should be part of the final outcome (for now), but I was not quite satisfied with the video I recorded because the "toys" was not in the frame all the time and sometimes the person who threw the ball accidentally appeared in the screen. I need to reshoot it with an tripod maybe. 

I was also wondering if I should indicate the thread more clearly since that represent the "connection" of the ball. I used white thread and it was not very clear in the video, I can painted it with orange color.

20 June Celebrating Archway

Today I did more experiments with spheres.

Trial #1

I extended the thread to almost 80cm and I colored the foam sphere with orange acrylic paint. 

I suspended them like executive toy and try to hit two of them with one sphere and it bounced just like executive toy but did not continue to do that. That's a playful experience but it did not work so well since I can not the see connection between each sphere and the thread was too long to be shown in the frame. But the whole executive toy trail made me wondering about passing through some kind of energy or information because of the middle sphere did not move, it represent some kind of solid middle-force between two things. But maybe there were only three sphere and it could not achieve the same result as the toy itself. 

Trial #2 

With the same materials, I threw them on the floor since I have tried to threw them in the air. The foam sphere bounced on the floor and had a nice movement through the slow motion video. But the thread seemed a little messy due to the length and the thread was not stretched as well. The overall outcome was not quite good and I thought 30cm thread is good enough just like my trail yesterday with the paper sphere. The thread got twisted together and disturb the whole image from visual aspect. I wondered if I stand far enough maybe I could catch the moment that the thread was fully unfolded. 

Trail #3

I colored the thread to orange and I threw them into the air to catch the moment. 

The thread was not obvious in the video maybe because of the lighting. I realized that the color of the thread might be a very minor thing and I was wonder if I really need it or not, since the connection or the position of those spheres is what really mattered. The orange thread looks like blood vessels that connect three creature because they way they shown in the air was very dynamic and vivid. They were free but restrained as well. The thread really give it another definition when I kept the spheres white because it drew more attention to the thread. Maybe I should try make all of them to be orange. 


Experiment Edition

25 June Hand Made

After the critic in the morning, I think I should consider more about the location of the project should be. Different location can give different definition to my work and I spent too much time working on the actual object itself. Since the whole inspiration was taken from Hanley’s estates, it could be displayed in the store. Or it could be in the park with tress as background.

Afterward we were assigned the next project. I was looking at the sport section of the newspaper and the picture of those athletes grabbed my attention right away. Their facial expression was very aggressive due to the competition and their body movements were strong and powerful. Then I read the report underneath and the words such as “defense” “problem” “contest heats up” “we need allies” looks like those term you can see back in war time. So I considered those competition especially sport as the “modern war” because of the term the newspaper used and emotional pictures of athletes. There’s one picture that there’s physical conflict of two athletes and one of them was acting very aggressive, even brutal. Then I realize that camouflage is gonna be the bridge to connect solider and athlete.

Then it made think about the next step, about the materials and context.  What should be made of the camouflage pattern and what it can cover.

I also want to work with text since I extracted them from the original text to make it almost negative. I like the idea of taking fragment of information and make it "misinterpreted". I started to wonder where I can apply this concept and how can camouflage pattern plays in this part. What if I make the patter out of letters or what if I cover it on figures. 

28 June Hand Made

Continue the "Hand Made Project" and I spent the whole day in wood workshop and sewing studio. 

I continued with idea of tackles of athletes in the sport and chose American Football as the main exploration sport since it has more physical conflicts and more brutality involved. I was thinking to build visual connection between injured solider and athlete, what wars bring to solider is equivalent to what sport brings to athletes. I cut out several figures from wood board and indicated some details. 

The idea of repetitive pattern came to my mind. I think having several identical pattern of the same figure can show some kind of process, in this case, I would like to show a sequence of getting more injury. I think it also emphasis the concept that I was trying to communicate. Then I started to wonder about the scale of the work and that comes from Chapman Brother's work because the scale of their works are huge. What if I keep cutting out those figures and maybe make a lot of them. What pattern I can make instead of just putting them in linear sequence. How can I distinguish several of them? 

While working with sewing machine, I realized I was really into the motion of those athletes, I was trying to create a chaotic scene of those tangled bodies. Since the cutouts were contour line of the athlete, I was trying to combine them in a way that maybe does not related to neither sport and war, to think something else. Reflecting back to my collage, it has the quality of sensuality. I wonder what kind of combination that can create the same feeling, getting back to the nature of human body itself

Sky as Background

Three Experiments

Celebrating Archway Experiments

I experimented with different background with three spheres. 

I started to think about my intention of my work again. I wanted to represent the balance between three things and that should not only apply to estate agency but also anything in the real world. But the project should related back Archway so I have to consider about the background carefully

  • The relationship between the object and the background
  • Should it be still or motion
  • How to represent the location Archway 
  • The connotation meaning about the background

From the still images, I think about the gesture of holding the spheres if the final outcome should be picture. i wanted to communicate the idea of offering back to the local since the whole theme was about "Celebrating Archway". It feels like giving back to community. So I was literally "Offering my work". 

Also, I wonder what if the screen in the office play my clips about throwing the balls in the air since I have many of them. Each screen can play their own clip, that's a way to embed my work in to their working space. What kind of visual effect it would bring to people?

Drawing With String

5 July Drawing Session

Today we have done a lot of drawings and mainly we were exploring the new ways of drawing. 


When I followed the instructions, I really paid attention to the details until the instruction gave me the space to be creative. In my mind, instruction is serious and there should not be alternative way to do that. I enjoyed the part that I considered restrict and the part I can make marks freely. The combination of restriction and freedom brings a balance of creating, it's like someone giving you a direction to grow widely but you have to go that direction because it's instructed. 

  • Body engagement other than hand or wrist give ambiguity to the drawing.
  • My mind started to lose interest about what I am drawing but how to get the drawing done.
  • Process of the drawing becomes more important than the outcome 
  • The whole drawing process becomes performance

When I was drawing, I tend to draw 

  • random things
  • still life
  • human face 
  • human body

Those are the instantaneous things I draw on the paper while I was "performing". Those "pointless" techniques take time to complete so it is not "effortless" at all. I felt like I am drawing with my whole body and I was being concentrated more than ever while I engaged more than my wrist to draw. 


I wondered about how other engagements like using props and body parts that other than hand influence the drawing or pattern I made. What about whipping, or even without direct engagement with drawing? Also, the outcome suppose to be totally random and could be considered experimental drawing. How can I give some meaning through my making process since it seems to overweight the final outcome. 

Method One

Method Two

10 July Co-Create

We put idea into practice and made two prototypes responding to two ideas. 




Liam Johnson 

  • MA Fashion 
  • The material he used for his womenswear design
  • Transparency of the material and light weighted feeling

Ernesto Neto 

  • Organic form 
  • Interaction with audience
  • Stretching quality from the material also light weighted 

Henrik Vibskov

  • Cross disciplinary
  • Quantity of the organic form
  • Layering 

Making prototype is a very useful way to visualize ideas even though it's just a prototype. While weaving the paper together, there are some potential problems might be encountered in the future.

  • The flexibility of the fabric, if it's too soft, it will not make a perfect curvy shape in the structure. 
  • The weight of the "backbones", and the flexibility of that. 
  • The size of the whole piece, should it be exactly human scale or slight bigger. 
  • The intention of the whole project

Rehearsal the performance is another way to visualize the idea and my partner got my point right away. 

  • Considering the filming angle
  • Considering participants' clothing
  • The length of the film
  • Intention of the film, and where it could be 

I believe tomorrow's object from the school collection will help a lot. 

12 July Co-Create

Narrowing down to final idea which has the notion of "ties up", we experimented with plastic and plaster. 

Expectation for the waist part:

  • Protective due to performance need, should be something stiffer than fabric.
  • Structural, considering wood, plastic and plaster. (Currently working with plaster)
  • Lightweight
  • Flexible enough to bend for waist

Inspiration taken from the horse book:

  • Notion of training horse
  • Tie up 
  • Horse reins
  • Horse saddle

When we started to working on the project, we tend to draw out the design and then throw ourselves into the workshop. I think there should be a middle part between these two parts, which is the prototype. But we treated our plastic workshop as experimentation and we did better in the casting workshop with our ideal shape. 

The whole process requires much more thinking while we do not have a clear plan in mind. We constantly thinking about the shapes and possibilities of making. The good part is we examined about materials a lot. 

One problem we realized after the critic is that we followed through our first idea all the time and that's might be a problem. We should try out other plans or maybe at least think about them while making. Also, the outcome of our piece is a performance, even though it's a very simple performance, the "costume" and performance are equally weighted. Now we are focusing too much on the making of costume but never thought about the final performance. 

16 July Co-Create

Finishing the Co-Create project. 

We are glad that we made it in the end. From the beginning to the very last moment, we were still thinking while making. Prototypes really helped a lot, especially in Alice' case. She was sewing all the reins and she tested on the sample first and made prototype out of paper. 

I appreciate that the whole development followed a thread that related to the ten object activity. The idea of ties up and bondage. The book brought more positive surprises than the "negative" one that could change the whole project. 

Still, I think we spent too much time thinking about the design and making although it suppose to take huge amount of time. I was thinking can the piece stand on its own if we did not do the performance. Also if we have to weight the piece and performance, the piece should serve to performance but it turned out to be the performance is the add-on, the whole point landed into the piece. 

I got confused about how balancing those two parts. The performance is actually very simple or I would say it could be just be a video instruction about the piece we made. The performing aspect is not significant. The filming is not that well considered and I wish I can shot in multiple angles. 

The three making days pushed our boundaries of making and thinking, I would not say that the thing we made is considered "fast-food", but it did make me think about if a long period of making is going to contribute more.

PechaKucha Slide 2



c. 2018 

Boxuan Sun

Manifesto two: "Trying something that you think you would never done."

I tried to learn sewing and pattern making and it brought fiber into my future creation in fine art.

PechaKucha Slide 4


Untitled (Coney Island)


Boxuan Sun

Manifesto four: "Keep your other interests."

For somehow I feel one's aesthetic can be shown via their photograph. Anyway, I like taking picture with my film camera, it's an very old-fashioned manual one and I am still in the process of trails and errors.

PechaKucha Slide 6


The Wave

c. 2016

Boxuan Sun

An rewarded piece that encourages me to get into art school back in high school in Long Island, NY.

PechaKucha Slide 8


The Other Side of The Wall (Appropriation)

c. 2018

Boxuan Sun

Instead of expressing something about myself, I started to look up events that happening in the society and take that as my inspiration of creating, thinking more about the meaning behind the work.

17 July Co-Create Critic

Feedback from peers: 


-Considering performer's clothing 

-Considering "horse" gesture and background

-Appreciate the simplicity of the performance

-Disturbing, intense in a way

Question I asked to the peers:

Do you consider the design of the costume overweight the performance since we put more time making that and the outcome is still performance.

And they felt that those two parts are equally weighted and plays important roles of each part. They suggested to pay more attention to the dressing of the performer and their actions.

The piece we made has very distinct connection of the book about horse we got, in terms of horse accessories like horse saddles, reins and blinders. There are many content to be referenced in the book and we are interested in the tool and ways that people training horses. 

The best part of our collaboration is balancing fine art and fashion design aspect. I intended to make something sculptural into the design and use unconventional material (plaster) for garment. My partner would bring up some her thoughts in terms of styling, fabric choosing and stitching. The most important part is that she is interested into the notion of movement under the garment and that's something we kept exploring through the project. 

The making of horse saddle part could be done better and we should consider more about the final outcome which is the performance, the performer's clothes should be more considered and I am thinking about the speed of their movement, what if they do it in rhythm.

The in person communication is vital in the collaboration and it saves more time if we talk face to face since we can explain our ideas to each other more clearly if the person did not understand. One thing makes me think about the importance of teamwork is that we can do things much faster than working by oneself. I can not imagine how long it is going to take me for what we have done in five days. 

Working with Alice who studying fashion design is wonderful since she brought something that I have never thought about. She got her own working and design system and I would like to know how she develops her ideas and figure out the shining aspect of that or the intention of the making. Also, she brought the idea of using fabric into the making, which she considered very common due to her major. But that's very new to me since we have to sew something. Her discipline makes me think more about the materials and the importance of taking sample and experiment on that. 

I would say that we all consider about the intention of the making. I kept bring up the meaning or theme of the work while making, so did she. If we were going to change something, we would question that if the thing we were going to add is going to help to the whole design or distracting the main theme. 


Part Two Reflective Review

The most interesting project is the drawing project. The project really put myself into actual exploration about drawing techniques. I was thinking about to do something unconventional but it just stays in my mind and I never practice that. The project also introduced loads of practitioners who experimenting with drawing techniques and I had fun looking up their works. The most enjoyable part is to discovering the difference between each practitioners' working even though they are all experimenting. 

The most challenging project is the Celebrating Archway project. I had a hard time turning the primary research in to something useful into the project. I struggled with my place which is the estate agency since I could not make any connections with my profession in the beginning. But I sorted it out in the end and what I did is to really think more about the place and that applies to all kind of project. Focusing on something really minor and dive in to that or considering the whole picture

In the PichaKucha project, it helped me to look back the journey to art career even it's just a few slides. It allowed me to really reflect about how other thing influence myself and what kind of artists I keep referencing. In the manifesto parts, I summarized rules that I have been followed or habits I had in my practice and it is a good reflection about my experience in art career so far.

I think my theme throughout the projects so far is about humanity. The relationship between humanity and the physicality of human being in art creating. I thought all my works are irrelevant but now I think my works are heading to one direction. I think this kind of hidden force/concept will driven me while making and thinking and that' something I should really take care about. 

I think my independent work went through smoothly but sometimes I did need to talk to someone about my work when I was stuck. The biggest motivation is that I do not know where the project is going to look like in the beginning and that's what keeps me working since things can change in one second while I am creating. The unknown possibilities and potentials of the work driven me to work and that's the most enjoyable part in the creating as well.

I heard that British art education system is different from the United States, especially about the sketchbook. In the start of the course, I did not know how to manage or use my sketchbook since I did not have much experience about it. And the sketchbook is one main source that the tutors are going to assess and that makes me even more nervous about making sketchbook. You can tell from the early stage of my sketchbook that it's a little messy and confusing but as more projects came along, I did better job on the layout and arrangement about the sketchbook. I tended to write a lot on the sketchbook but now I tend to visualize my words or maybe just start making instead of writing them down. I am glad that I can do that right now since it's really a nice documentation about the thinking, making/experimenting and reflecting.

I changed a little about my approach to project right now since from the Handmade project, I was stuck by the restrictions I made to myself. So I tend to let go some ideas about main theme or maybe I should not consider that at all while exploring. As the tutor said: "Let the idea travel". I would not say that I can completely do that right now but I am trying to. For instance, in the Drawing Session, I did not think about meaning at all. I was interested in one particular drawing techniques and I just kept doing that in other ways. 

I am more satisfied about the works I made right now but I would like to push them forward in terms of being innovative and abstract. But what I mean is to let my work make sense to audience instead of pursuing the physical format of being abstract. I have to convince myself in order to convince the audiences.

I am still on the progress of achieving my goals that I set up in the first day because I considered that a long term effort. The goal is to push forward my project or work and I realize that the only way to do that is to 

  • Do more research 
  • Ask for critics/talk to others
  • Experimentation 

For the next part of the course, I want to practice the notion of "Let the idea travel" and be more specific about one aspect of the thing that I got inspired. Trying something that I have never done for the next part of the course or using some other materials. Giving myself some kind of physical limitations like creating a piece in one day or only use found material etc. Pushing my boundaries like making something that belong to another disciplinary or considering performance art.

Trial 1


Trial 2


Trial 3


Color Montage


15 June Celebrating Archway


18 June Celebrating Archway

Continuing the Celebrating Archway project. 

I presented my sketchbook to the ground about my site, Hanley Estate. I was talking while I am presenting the sketch book and I should keep working on more research since the real estate is really a hard one for me to get informations. 

While other people presenting their work, I felt they had much more pictures about the site than me. I did not print them and put them into the sketchbook, probably I should add them later. Also, they investigated some detail or specific point about the place and that's something I did not do for my site. I was seeing my place in general and did not come up with specific thing. For instance, one of the students really interested in the sound of the park. And one other student attracted by the door in her site. I think maybe I should dive into a specific thing of my site and think deeper into that, it may help me building up my final concept. 

There's some kind of change about my understanding of the art/design process today. While I was trying to work with my sketchbook, putting more stuff in to the sketchbook and researching more about artists, the teacher encouraged us to start making something. I had this same thought in mind like "thinking while working" but I never actually did that. So today I just went down to the yard and started to gather materials and experiment with them. I had no idea what I was trying to make but I just made it. 

I was trying to make three main objects for my outcome and I have not thought about the material yet since I did not have a complete project blueprint in mind. But I started to play with water and plastics. I tried to seal the water into small bag made of plastics. I wanted to make three of them and connect all of them with thread to see how it looks like. 

The making process is really fun but the hard time came right after that. I still can not figure out a way to achieve my final outcome or at least making something related to that direction. My experiment was not related but related in way at the same time. I think I just need keep experimenting with materials right now and I believe it will help me develop my idea afterwards, just start to making. 


Sphere Experiment

Wood Experiment

21 June Celebrating Archway

Continuing working on "Celebrating Archway Project". 

I experimented my ideal material today which is the wooden spheres. I colored them with acrylic paint and connected them with thread. The wooden spheres have this solid texture and it is different than the materials I experimented with. It does not bounce back on the floor and actually hit the floor badly with horrible noise. I notice that from the video, the thread seem to be invisible. I thought it might because of the lighting but as well as the size of the sphere. The wooden ball overwhelmed the thread so it was not shown clearly, I liked this visually since the spheres were connected by this unclear thread and it pulled them back together. 

Considering why wooden sphere, I thought it represent three identical, equal and important parts. Just like two part of client and one agency, meanwhile the agency is in the middle and has to connect them all together. Like a solid triangle, it would not be strong as a shape if one part or angle is missing. When I accidentally fail to catch the spheres and the thread connect to the middle sphere remained and the other two was disconnected. It got me interested since the middle part mean something stronger to me at this point, it is the essential part to keep the "connection". I wonder if there's a physical explanation in that or it's just a coincidence.

The connection between thread and wood was not good and it fell off right after it hit the floor. Technic issue should be resolved. 

Then I took another look at the thread. I think the thread is the secondary connection between spheres, in Hanley's case, it could be conversations, service, communications. Then I started to tie them up to make knots since I started to wonder if it's not a straight thin line. The knots kept accumulated but still has the general straightness. "Obstacles" was the first word that came to me when I was doing it, but then more interpretation could be made such as "Connections", "Number of clients“. It functions more like a recorder. 

Then I changed the thread into thin wire. The wire is too structure because of its metal quality. When I throw the spheres into the air, the wire hold them in specific shapes and the spheres did not move freely and flexible while I was using thread which is much more softer. But the bouncing experiment with wire works very well since the wire shakes when the spheres hit the floor. There was too much constrain with wire and I do not think that reflect my point. The curvy way of the wire that connected to the sphere made me thought about chemical structures. Three elements were combined together with chemical bounds. Like H2O, three elements just like my three spheres. 

Experiments of June 21

26 June Hand Made

My work today was mainly around casting. 

I tried to carry the idea of Camouflage pattern into my making. I was building up all my works with little parts and they can form a bigger pattern just like camouflage. But while doing the casting, I seem pulled away from the original idea from the newspaper which is the "misinterpretation" or changing context. The more specific situation is that I felt the sport competition is like a war and it was shown from the images of athletes and the report itself. Since I got inspired from both text and images, I think I should incorporate text into one of my work or maybe a work that only uses text. 

I like the structure I made for concrete because it looks like camouflage pattern visually and I would like to the final outcome when it turn to solid concrete. The piece has two parts and those two parts can joint together. I do not have a strong feeling about the concrete yet and I can not figure out the significance of this material to my idea from newspaper but I enjoyed the making process. Since the structure was made by steel sheet and they have different width so the final concrete should not be at the same height. The middle part of the concrete should be taller than other parts. I think it might be an interesting point to dive in. 

Contextual Practice My Discipline 27 June

From my perception

Artist is someone who challenge public's perceptions.

Designer is someone who provide a kind of visual service to public, close to daily lie things. 

Craftsman is someone who dive into technical skills and constant improving them. 

I think I define myself as a mix of artist and designer maybe. Sometimes my works lean into design area, which they are more functional but sometimes my works are experimental or conceptual. 

  • I want to communicate with people about my critical thinking, to express an idea or attitude about certain things about society.
  • So I make or create something that make audience to think.
  • So I choose fine art as my profession.

27 June Hand Made

Continue working on the "Hand Made" project. 


I found out one more similarity between soldiers and athletes, which is injury. They wounded either in the battle filed or sport filed. Through their facial expression, I can see many similarities. When I only look at the outline or the contour line of injury soldiers and athletes, I can not tell which is which but they were all fallen on the ground, which makes sport even more brutal

After cutting out those injury athletes' figure, I arranged them in camouflage pattern and it seems very sexual in a way. That's something unexpected and if I took a closer look of those figures' facial expression, they were in deep agony. But I like the unexpected point of this collage since their mouths were wild open and they all had very affective expression, so I can not tell they were suffering or enjoying. I think that's why it seems to have another connotation. Or, maybe they were enjoying the pain. 

Then i realized that I was stuck by the idea of camouflage too much, so I continue the idea of injury or suffering and I got inspired by chapman brother's work. I started to think about working on found object and alternate it's original function or meaning. Since chapman brother's works are about toy or figures so I think athlete toy might be a good start. 

The body or physical conflict between athletes is very interesting for me since that's how they show their aggression or brutality. In my perspective, sport could be an area that people release their aggression or savage, not only for participants but also the audiences. The audience went crazy they their favorite team scored and they cursed when they were lost. Same with the report from newspaper, the words they used to describe the competition were aggressive and moving too. I think it's another way to transfer this excitement through text and those words make people's blood stream pumped harder while reading it. 

What if I change some words in the sport news to make it less "exciting", what it would be? 


29 June Hand Made

Continue working on the "Handmade" project, had group tutorial with tutor.

One major thing tutor mentioned was about the main theme. I carried on almost all the outcome with specific theme, which seem not necessary. I had the feeling that I got stuck with specific things like camouflage pattern and the shape of athletes. Even though I tried to make something three dimensional for instance the wooden figure one, it was still too flatten. I think I should let go some of the restriction that I put by myself. It seemed like that I always pull back some thoughts when I was developing my works, the whole point of experimentation was missing. I think I should just go making something without too much limitation about the general theme and maybe let it go beyond the original thoughts. 

If I have to do the whole project again, I think the general direction will not be a little vague since I trapped in my initial thoughts this time. For instance, the wooden figures I made, I found the combination of wooden board and drawing quite interesting until I put the bandages on. Maybe I should not even use the board, I can tried to make a figure even though it is not going to be perfect. Putting bandages was my initial thoughts and I chose to follow them because I felt it related to my general theme, now I think I should let go the "thread" and back to experimentation. I spotted the aspect of poking fun of the brutality of American football, I think I should keep going with that point and be more sarcastic. 

Looking back to all the hand made piece, I like the concrete camouflage pattern. It not only carried on my original interest that I experimented on newspaper but also brings another connotation due to the material. I have never seen some camouflage pattern was made by concrete since it was usually printed on clothes. I changed the purpose of the camouflage because the intention of camouflage is to hide but I turned it into something three dimensional, which makes it much more obvious to be discovered. I like the contradiction between the purpose of the concrete camouflage pattern and the nature of concrete sculpture. 

Moreover, I discarded the aspect of sport in this concrete project but the idea was developed from that. I think it's a right choice to not pulling back sport related element into the concrete project. I think that's so called "let the idea travel". 

One thing I really appreciated from my peers' work is they drew down something design but made something slightly different from their sketchbook. I would like to know what decisions they made or thinking process they had while "composing" their works. I believe that they really let go some thoughts and the outcome they had turn out to be good even though they did not follow their initial ideas. Reflecting back to my works, I can see too much restrictions and they seem not that creative. 



Contextual Practice Drawing 4 July



In the discipline of Fine Art, it's always important to draw. 

  • It visualize the idea if I am going to work with three dimensional project 
  • It generates ideas, I always look back to my previous drawing 
  • To communicate with others

I like to draw in different materials like sharpies, pencils and pens etc. The different materials bring different qualities of texture and feeling. I would like to start with something handy and experiment with other kind of things. Starting with something simple and keep going is one of my strategies, even start with doodling if there's nothing in your mind. 

I believe every artist in Fine Art draws a lot. It's essential to start anything. But sometimes I feel like I did not develop my thoughts through drawing. Maybe I started with a drawing and then that's it, I do not know how to go further with my drawing. And I kind of jump into making process after that. I would say that making prototype or rough model could be a part of the drawing. 

For those who did not choose painting as pathway, drawing or sketching is the foundation of making. I think all kind of practice like making or drawing is connected, they inspire each other. Personally, I like drawing a lot, maybe some of them can not be drawing but doodling. I do quick sketches in the gallery or just practicing my drawing skills. The hardest thing for me is to develop my own style of drawing, the kind of style that I am going to carry along my entire career possibly. 

I draw in order to record my thoughts, some instantaneous ideas that flashed through my mind. Also to make things clear to myself for the future purpose that I can go back to look at. 

I draw when 

  • I need some information from a specific work 
  • I like an artwork and I want to record it in analog way 
  • Killing time

I change the way of drawing depend on the purpose. But I like to do quick sketch about anything. I like the ambiguity of some rough drawings and I can generate something else from that, it always surprises me. I also like to draw on the picture to visualize some of my concept, putting them in to the "real world". Collaging is another way of drawing for me, it's the outcome of making something and I usually driven by visual elements while I am making a collage, there's not much deep thinking involved. 

I would say some of my drawing is just repeating the same thing from pictures. It is not very creative and sometimes I tend to give myself some descriptions about the object I am going to make and it becomes notes in stead of drawing. I think I should start to draw it out on the paper even though that's not the final plan. 

I considered my drawings very relaxing, at least I am not that serious about how to draw something perfect. I do not push too hard with my pen in order to let it flow freely. I aimed to capture the general shape of the objects I was going to draw and go back to details later or separately. 

I think a good drawing should be inspiring, pushing your ideas further. Another aspect should be good record of things. The drawing is done by yourself and it should help you in a way. 

6 July Drawing Session Day Two

Taking further about the experiment of string. IMG_4890.jpg

Feedbacks from peers:

  • Scratching quality (Emotions)
  • Rain Drops (Nature)
  • Tape warping quality
  • Questioning the making process

I wonder about the is it a good thing to make people curious about the making process, I am afraid that it will take too much attention to the work itself. But if it's a work like this, something experimental drawing, the purpose is to question the making process since the outcome is not important as process.

Questions raised from the critic:

  • How to display the work and how to lead audience into the direction that I want in the staging
  • The significance about naming 
  • How many things to reduce or distort to make something abstract

I realized that people can bring theme into the work after the creation, it's not necessary to have a theme in the beginning. I wonder if it's true or not. But I did not think too much when I was experimenting with strings. I just tried out some ways that seem unusual. I was not thinking something deep while making, can the meaning to be given afterwards. Should the experiment like that be the final stop of experiment? 

 I like the idea that I turned the drawing into something three dimensional but i can not find the significance about doing that. What if 

  • There's many of them
  • Only one side has the print
  • flattened not folded as a cube

9 July Co-Create

We sketched 10 items we brought and arranged them in different ways. 

My partner Alice is fashion and development major and focus on womenswear. 

  • She is interested into the comfortableness of the fabric and currently interested in Jil Sander's ss2018 womenswear collection.
  • Designing clothes for good purpose, "leading to something good."

She brought in the idea of working with human body while we were talking due to his major and I did not thinking about that a lot since I subconsciously thinking about a piece that exists in the gallery. I like the outcome to be interactive with audience or some kind of performance involved participation

She tend to related to other object when we were thinking about something. For instance we were talking about blue pen and she thought about other blue things then gradually thinking about abstract form. I like the notion that she makes connection to other things. Moreover, she tend to draw information from specific objects and take the symbolic meaning and extend them into a bigger theme. 

She is really into the fabric and how people move under the fabric and that's something I have never thought about. I appreciate the notion of movement under specific fabric and wondered how people react to the texture. Some fabric stick with body and some restrains people's movement and what kind of connotation fabrics can represent?

We had good balance throwing the idea back and forth, both of us are looking forward to see the outcome. 

10 July Co-Create

11 July Co-Create

Today we found several qualities from the object of the museum that can be put into the project

  • The notion of manual
    Training horse, conquering
    Symbolism of horse in sculpture, how many feet in the air and how many on the land.

Bring new elements into the project is challenging but also bring more positive aspects to the making, for instance bring more references, confirming theme and opening more possibilities.

The object from the school collection fill the gap of the whole collaboration and bring meaning into the work.

Since we got an old book, there’s many ways to interpret that either form the book itself or the content. It’s a little overwhelming due to the massive information form the book and find it hard to decide.

I want to keep the whole project neat and simple in the form. To make audience focus on one specific thing instead of mixing up all possible plans together.

Hopefully the object did not distort the whole plan of the original but brings more things to search, we have to narrow down into specific plan by tomorrow and start to experiment with material and scale.

Personification horse into human body from(idea from Alice) could be a possible way to embody into “ties up a person” project. From the book we got, there’s a lot of drawings about training horse, and the horses were tied up into different kind of tools.

14 July Co-Create

We finished the waist part yesterday and planed things  to do on Monday. 

We were thinking about full scale wearable structure in the beginning but reduced to focus on waist part mainly. Being realistic due to schedule is very important and it's better to make the plan before. 

We like the idea that Alice brought into the fabric idea and I brought into something structural like plaster. The combination used two different materials, one is soft and one is hard. We could have used fabric in the whole design but I insisted to bring in some unconventional material in to "clothes design". 

The plaster also has the connotation of limitation, for instance, people need that when they broke their legs. They have to carry this thing wherever they go. But I wondered if the use of material should be interpreted in the project since it's not the main part. The main part should be the horse reins and performance itself. 

We had to finish the whole design by Monday morning and film the performance in the afternoon. I wonder if sequence photos should be our final outcome and the different between film. Sequence photos in this case looks like a look book, that emphasize too much about the wearable structure itself. 

Also, we changed a lot from the original plan and that's a good thing. We considered a lot and valued the possible outcome. The project we were working right now is the best we can pick. Alice still had the notion of observing people's movement under this structure since we were using plaster. And I made sure that the whole point of the project is clear. 

There are still many things to think about for the performance:

  • What the other people should wear while doing the performance
  • Should the middle person show his/her face
  • Does gender matter in the performance 
  • How long is should be 
  • What angle it should be 
  • Photo series or not (actually can be develop from video)
  • Other inspiration to be apply into the performer? (Gloves)
  • (Dress-code black and white)

PechaKucha Slide 1




Boxuan Sun

Manifesto one: "Doing meaningless things." Just making something you considered wired or something that you do when got bored, the creation while killing time. 

PechaKucha Slide 3


Progress shot

c. 2018 

Boxuan Sun

Manifesto three: "You need a 'mean' friend to critic your work." (Keep doing something you don't like)

Sometimes I considered the making process is more valuable than the outcome and having a mean friend who keeps telling you how suck your project is, is actually helpful while making.


PechaKucha Slide 5



c. 2018

Boxuan Sun

Manifesto five: "Keep a sketchbook with you."

It's handy to jut down some quick idea or visualize them while you are taking bus maybe. Draw something you saw everyday or just sketch random thing when you are bored.

PechaKucha Slide 7


The Drop

c. 2017

Boxuan Sun

I was focusing too much about two dimensional creation and then I decided to make something three dimensional.

PechaKucha Slide 9


Marcia Tucker Project 

c. 2018

Boxuan Sun (Participant)

One excitement about fine art is risk taking. I was part of this group performance out in public and it drew a lot of attentions and questions.

PechaKucha Slide 10



c. 2016

Boxuan Sun

Another excitement is about experimenting with different medium or maybe combine them together.

PechaKucha Feedback


Reflecting back to all the practitioners I introduced in the slides, what I really appreciated about them is the spirit of being innovative at their time and I want to be the same. Also, I am stating my experience about fine art from the very beginning like duplicating from Paul Cézanne's works and gradually form my own style of making. I do consider and interested in contemporary artists but I would like to show more about my path to where I am right now. 

But I do need to talk a bit more about future ambitions and I failed to do that in the slides. I am interested in raising questions to audiences (everyone), I want to throw out a project and let them Interpret.