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This furniture somehow represent the fusion that I was thinking about. This chair created a direct connection or fusion between human body and chair itself. The artist took it quite literal but that' not what I wanted to do. I want to build up this connection without changing furniture itself, not replacing some parts with human body part. 

How estate agency works

The following information is from  Estate agent: job description. 

Agency is an essential function of the property industry and involves the buying/renting and selling/leasing of property. Estate agents can specialize within a particular property market, such as commercial or residential real estate.

The job of an estate agent contains elements of marketing, sales and administration. Responsibilities of an estate agent include:

  • Liaising with clients to market properties in the most appropriate manner to maximise the selling value
  • Handling enquiries about properties from potential buyers
  • Valuing properties
  • Producing reports, brochures, promotional information and other written material
  • Travelling to properties and conducting viewings
  • Negotiating the sale and letting of properties
  • Administering and securing the disposal and acquisition of property and ensuring that it is completed legally"


According to the website, I briefly understand some of the work that those agencies have to do. One of the many important aspects is evaluating. 

Also, the whole process involving constant communicating with both the owner and clients. Actually any kind of agency has to do the same, which is to build good connection between owner and buyer, as the third party they provide such service.

That might be a good point to dive in, which is the middle stop between two locations.  


Color and Meaning

The following is quoted from Use The Hidden Meaning of Color In Your Art

"ORANGE: Midway between red and orange it is a cheerful color. It is a flamboyant and lively color. Orange can be assertive, dynamic, and spontaneous and signifies youth and fearlessness. Orange stimulates the brain and produces oxygen and mental activity.  Dark-orange signifies deceit or distrust, whereas red-orange can correspond to aggression, domination and thirst for action."


The article talked about the function of orange and it says that it can also trigger hunger. I think that the main reason why Yoshinoya chose orange as main color. According to this quotation, the orange represents a lot of meanings and I would say that it is not a absolute thing. But it makes sense for Hanley that they want to use orange to show their company spirit like youth and fearlessness. 



Weather Project


One Minute Sculpture

The following information is quoted from Erwin Wurm

With this concept you have given the notion of “sculpture” an entirely new dimension. How did the idea emerge at the time?

"During my work I began to question my fundamental understanding of sculpture. In the process I arrived at the concept of time, followed by theoretical considerations on the aspects of mass, volume, fullness, and surface. The concept of time has become the essential aspect of my One Minute Sculptures. “One Minute” is to be understood not literally, but as “short”, as a snapshot. In every One Minute Sculpture there is an actor whom I connect in a paradoxical way with an object, freezing her or him. This concept has changed over time. In the beginning, I was especially interested in the question of authorship, later questions regarding the relationship between object and subject came along.


I am interested in the way Erwin Wurm introduced the concept of time into the work, even though he put random thing into his sculpture but there's a relationship between object and human. He was throwing a question into that. The arrangement seem to be random but it's harmonious as well. He gave time frame into the artwork, changed the stereotype of sculpture, which is lasting forever and made of solid material. Also edible objects like oranges also had it's own "life", it would not last forever. It made me thought about using real orange in my work, since the final outcome should be the slow motion of the spheres in the air. The whole process has this time frame or the concept of time perception into that, the whole process was done by in a few second and recorded in slow motion. It was there maybe for less than a second in the air. It might be a nice correlation to use oranges. "

I think my project also has the same concept of introducing time into that unintentionally. Maybe I can think more about that and to make connection to balance. Time and balance between specific three things.


Pyramid Sphere Cube


Pyramid Sphere Cube

Pyramid Sphere Cube by David Nash

The three objects look like my three spheres but only in quantity. There's visually connection between the three objects. The black color and the drawing at the back. The consistency of the color was applied to my work as well. But the three objects from Daivd Nash's work is not identical, which makes me think about considering irregular shapes. 

"A-Z" of living by Andrea Zittel


I am interested in this series of work not only because of the concept of living but also those well crafted components of living. The artist came up a new "compressed" style of living and made it happen. I wonder how people feel if they were supplied with those multi-functional furnitures. 

I think this work represent the both design and art since there must be a strong concept that supports the whole project. It made me think about our living habits now, what could be done total differently and are we going to bother by that. Maybe my work should begin in that direction since estate agency is a place that provide us shelter. It is related to the wellbeing of human being. Estate agency functions like a human shelter secondary provider, what's their responsibility from that point of view? 


Injury Solider and Athlete

I found there's similarity between injury solders and athletes. From both their gestures and facial expressions. It reflected the point that "sports is a substitute of war". It makes me think about the other visual connection between war and sport. 

Chapman Brother

The nature of disturbing is quite interesting to me since there's brutality or disturbing aspect in my injury athlete project. I was thinking to apply action figure or small figure into my work, or working on found objects. But the scene will not be massive as Chapman Brother's works. 

Also, there's some naked figures in their work, which brings the idea of sexuality and brutality. It reminded the quotation "La petite mort ", refers specifically to "the sensation of orgasm as likened to death". 

Even though there's not much crossover of sex and brutality in my work but it's still quite interesting to think about both seemly irrelevant concept together. 

Soap Experiment by Frei Otto

Soap Experiment by Frei Otto

I was amazed by the unique material an architect used to make model. And the final outcome turned out to be very good with soap. 

I wonder if I can experiment something that seem simple but very efficient. Or maybe considering cross-disciplinary, for instance using textile to construct a three dimensional object. 

NFL Action Figures

After the research of Chapman Brother's work, I had this idea of working on the figures or found object. I chose American football since it has more physical conflicts than other sports and it is very barbaric. I like the dynamic movement of those figures and I wanted to experiment with them but I can not get them due to time limitation. 

I thought about to dismember the figure to create something new. And what if I actually make a figure out of other materials like plastic, clay or wood. What about abstract the physical image of the figure, turn it into something ambiguous but still has the general shape of the movement. 

Injury Parts of American Football Player


Injury Parts of American Football Player

The picture is from The Wall Street Journal

The diagram is quite interesting since after the critique, someone mentioned that my outcome of little wooden figures look like the diagram in the hospital. 

The diagram can support my figure project since I was doing "wound care" of them. And I can follow the diagram to decide which parts I can put the bandages. 

Gustav Metzger

I like the way that artist combine imagery and objects together. Visually, it looks like something pop up from the image. For instance the work named "Kill the Cars". I think there's even more than just putting an related object in front of an image, the artist created a tension between the objects and the image. 

It's interesting that the clothes and bricks block some part of the image, I am curious about the "hidden" information about the blocked view and the relationship between the object and the image. 

I started to wonder about the idea of combining two totally different materials for my work, is it going to work and what kind of way that I can put them. 


Drawing Session Day 1

I am excited that I engaged my whole body into the drawing. It's like open my full sensory or body mechanism to draw. Usually, I draw something seated but this time I was jumping up and down, standing, extending etc. Some of attention was given to other parts and that does not effect my drawing at all. Moreover, I created some unusual pattern and marks. 

But how do I apply those innovative techniques of drawing into real creating? And what's the significance of that?

Incomplete Open Cubes By Sol LeWitt

The idea of giving instructions is quite interesting, I would say it's interactive in a way but not really with audiences. Does the artist has to be participate in the making process or it's more important about their thinking process? 

I see the work existing in two forms: two dimensional and three dimensional. I wonder what if the work is displayed with the drawing or not. Should the drawing or the instruction be a individual piece. 

Looking at all those cubes collectively, it makes me think about scale and quantity. 

How to turn those simple things into something worthy thinking about. 

Dan Webb on Robert Morris' "Box with the Sound of Its Own Making”

Dan Webb on Robert Morris' "Box with the Sound of Its Own Making”

I like the notion of self-reflection aspect in the piece. It makes people question the intention of doing something not only about the box itself, but everything related to decision making. 

The form or the construction of the piece is not complicated but works very in term of communicating a concept. How minimal a work can be to successfully conceive a concept that much bigger than itself. 

Thinking about all the decisions I made for my drawing project. I was driven by visual elements and what could be a new direction since everyone tend to do that. What if I choose the direction that I intentionally wanted to avoid, should the outcome be called failure?

Anna Barriball

Anna Barriball

I like the notion of repetitive pattern. The artist kept doing these simple pattern but in much larger scale. The "effortless" really took a lot of effort. The process of turning something "meaningless" to "meaningful" is quite interesting because it is the matter of scale and quantity(maybe just assumption for now). 

What if I can repeat something simple and accumulate it, what kind of connotation meaning it will have. 

Louise Bourgeois


  1. Strong personal information 
  2. Emotional, evoking some kind of emotion through work
  3. Fabric as sculpture, working with fabric and texture
  4. Sexuality 

HENRIK VIBSKOV Mens Spring-Summer 2017

Henrik Vibskov Runway Stage Design

I like the combination of "installation" on the stage, it becomes part of the fashion.

  • The quantity of the little parts in the center.
  • The overlapping quality.
  • Organic form.
  • Domesticity (Maybe from the pattern)

She Changes by Janet Echelman

She Changes by Janet Echelman

  • The material she used, the "fisher net".
  • Flexibility of the material. 
  • Movement because of the special quality of the material.
  • Powered by wind, sustainability. 
  • Nature, environment changes, bigger theme, global warming. 
  • Scientific aspect, turning diagram into art work. 

Tractatio nova de re equaria complectens partes tres by George Simon Winters

IMG_5115 2.jpg.1


We got a book that talking about horses and there's load informations. 


  • French and latin at the same time 
  • Different typeface to differentiate two languages
  • Old fashion capital letter
  • Drawing in the end of the text 


  • Horse training
  • Accessories about horse and clothing for horsing
  • Function as a manual 

We are interested in the notion of training horse, and the book gives us a lot of reference about horse saddle and horse reins. We would like to take that as main inspiration and put them into the work, meanwhile gives the work symbolic meaning of objectifying human being nowadays. 

Horse Rein


Picture found in Internet


The way to use rein on the horse, we need that to our project to make the rein and to bondage. I wonder if the fetish bondage was inspired by this. 


Tree of Paradise by Seraphine Louis

Tree of Paradise.jpg

I considered Seraphine louis as my "hero" due to her personal experience about art. She devoted herself in to world of art and self-taught. Her passion encourages me in term of creating. 

Mobile by Alexander Calder


I like the way he broke the conventional thinking about sculpture which is made of stone or wood and it's still. He broaden the definition of sculpture and make it moveable. 

Also he introduced some kind of physical aspect into the work, I like the combination of science fact and art creating.

Self Portrait by Egon Schiele


I really like the way he drew things, someone may argue that his figure drawing does not look like a figure at all. But I think he concentrate the feeling of that person into this relaxing drawing. His style really influenced my sketching or drawing by capturing the movement or facial expression. 

The Artist Is Present by Marina Abramovic


Her work is stunning all the time especially the one in the MOMA. People may think that fine art is just painting or sculpture and I would argue sometimes performance can exceed those two mediums. I like the notion of time perception in performance art since it's not permanent and it's not a physical thing. 

It could be documented as film, memory, photos. It's never a object. 

Digital Grotesque II

Digital Grotesque II by Benjamin Dillenburger and Michael Hansmeyer

In my profession, I think 3D printing can be used in the future and I saw the potentials of this techniques. It makes artist to achieve something that require months within maybe one month. But I was thinking artwork should not just be accurate, if 3D printing makes it less human since art should be celebrating humanity in a way.

Horse Performance Pattern


This could be a good reference to my performance and it determined what kind of path the performer should walk around the one in the middle. 

I only want to take the simplicity of the pattern, which I only want them to walk in one circle. 

Tania Bruguera, Tatlin’s Whisper #5 2008

Tania Bruguera, Tatlin’s Whisper #5 2008

The performance is quite interesting to me, especially the notion of public engaging. I was trying to research artist whose performance with the horses. The notion of police makes me think about authority. Also it can be a good reference for the collective immersive interaction. "the work reflects on the complex relationship between agents of authority and the people they aim to control."

"Tatlin’s Whisper #5 is a performance work by the Cuban artist Tania Bruguera. During the performance, two mounted policemen in uniform (one on a white horse and one on a black horse) are brought into the museum or exhibition space. They patrol the space, guiding and controlling the audience by using a minimum of six crowd control techniques. These include actions such as closing off the gallery entrance or entrances, pushing the audience forward with lateral movements of the horses, manipulating the audience into a single group and encircling it to tighten the group, frontal confrontation with the horse, and breaking up the audience into two distinct groups."

(Quotation from TATE.)

Goldsmith Degree Show MA

One thing that really interested me from degree show is actually something minor, which is the background of the display. That's actually something I forget to think about when I finish one project. The context can support one's project. 

From the first picture, the artist use greenish textured background and it makes me feel like I am in a maze in a giant garden. The sculpture he made suit perfectly into that space. I felt like I was in the fantasy he/she created in that maybe 35 square meter space. 

Korova Milk Bar

I was not quite sure the inspiration of chair came subconsciously from the movie I watched a couple days ago called "A Clockwork Orange" by Stanley Kubrick. 

In the film, the Korova Milk Bar drew my interests a lot because of its table. The table was formed by two naked female body which represent male-domination from my perspective. It's place full of sexuality, power and brutality. 

The table made me thought about objectifying female due the the design of table itself. 

Princeton Press Logo

Princeton University Press logo was designed by Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv.

I was trying to build up visual connection between Hanley Estate's logo to other logo. The first thing is not Princeton Press logo, it's Yoshinoya, a fast food company. All three logos use different kind of orange as their main color. 


Then I went to research who designed Yoshinoya's logo and it turned out to be Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv. I found out that there's more similarities between Princeton Press logo and Hanley's logo visually. 

  1. Orange as main color
  2. Letter formed with lines

Both of them looks very delicate and neat. Also the orange color and white are very harmonious together. Also the orange functions as a highlighter to draw people's attention because of the richness of the value. 



One Collective Breath: Janet Cardiff's 'The Forty Part Motet' External media

Janet Cardiff's 'The Forty Part Motet'

I like the concept that the artist see her work as sculpture made of sound. She really turned the sound into something visual, by saying that I mean the way she bounced the sound around and made people to be curious about the sound so that they have to move around to listen to the individual speakers. She made this "maze" out of sound to audience since the audience would never know where the sound came from. 

Also the simplicity of the construction of the piece really enlightened me and made me realize that something simple could evoke people's feeling as well. Simplicity in the form does not mean simplicity in the meaning, but it is going to take more time to conceive the plan. 

Thinking back to my "Celebrating Archway" project, maybe I should not put too much attention on the appearance of the work if I am going to make something. Or maybe I can work with sound. The sound from estate agency and what sound can represent that?

The Unspeakable Openness of Things

Olafur Eliasson

Speaking about orange color, I immediately thought about Olafur Eliasson and his weather project. The overall tone of his project is orange. He tried to make sun out of lamps and bring it into the building. The reason of choosing orange or yellow light is simple, which is to mimic the sun. 

In his project, I felt like the orange could only be representing the sun other than something else. I actually went to his exhibition in Beijing and I looked at the installation that the video shown above. It could be sunrise or sunset, two totally different interpretations. There's a feeling of holiness when you walk under the orange light. I felt like I am a part of some kind of ceremony and I could not help holding my breath under something so much bigger than you, the "sun". 

I am trying to build visually connection between different ways of using orange colors. I think Olafur Eliasson did not choose orange specifically. 

Three Body Problem

Three Body Problem

I like the movement of the video because it seems to be chaotic but it is harmonious in a way. I want to create a movement in my project too. The tension I wanted to create is between those three objects. Also it makes wonder how can I move them if they are all connected, rolling on the ground, throwing them in the air.

I was wonder what other aspects could be discovered through three body problem. 

One Minute Sculpture

The pictures from Erwin Wurm's work made me think about the relationship between object and human being. In the lady laying down on orange one, I think the oranges were supporting the person on top. She depended on the oranges in order to maintain the position, so there's a relationship between oranges and human on top of that. It also made though about authority over many objects since there were many of oranges in specific location in order to support the person, she did not just lay on a pile of oranges but carefully arranged oranges. 

My work did not show the interaction between people directly since the person who interacts with three spheres will not be shown. I wonder what context would be if I show them. A person who constantly catches those spheres and throws them into the air. One concern would be the person will overwhelmed the objects and it's movement. 

Redball Project

Redball Project

Redball Project by American artist Kurt Perschke.


The size of the inflatable red ball catches my attention when I looked up this project. Instantaneously, I thought about the size of my spheres. What if the size of the sphere was too big to be thrown in to the air and the connotation meaning of that. It could only be displayed in a space, the lose of function or original function could bring new interpretation. Also, the concept of inflatable structure could also be applied in to my work. It would be easier to throw them in the air and they can react to the floor.


Throwing Three Balls in the Air to Get a Straight Line (Best of Thirty-Six Attempts) (1973)



 Throwing Three Balls in the Air to Get a Straight Line (Best of Thirty-Six Attempts) (1973) by Baldessari, John


I was shocked that my project looks so much like his work back in 1973 and I have never known this work before. Anyway, this particular work makes me think about the location of my final outcome and where I should film it. I still can tell the difference between my work and his practice, which is the spheres of my work are connected by thread and there's limitation of movement. I felt in his work, he did not pay much attention to the location, he focused more on the motion of the spheres in the air, which is to form a straight line. For me, I think he was trying to make something less impossible to be possible, or he was challenging the physic rule. He wanted to manipulate those free-failing balls to form a specific pattern. 

Similarities Between War and Sport

The following is quotation from article "Similarities Between War and Sport"

"The Collins English dictionary provides us with some attention-grabbing definitions of Sport. It is defined as a) "an activity involving physical exertion and skill that is governed by a set of rules or customs and often undertaken competitively" and b) "an active pastime; recreation". Sport is derived form the Latin word "portare" which means to "amuse" or "entertain oneself". Initially in England, the birthplace of most of modern day sports, only people with substantially enough money and leisure time used to "amuse themselves". In fact, sport remained as a "prerogative of the nobility and gentry" [1] still these events were quite capable of attracting immense crowds. Interestingly, the most violent "combative sports, football and boxing" enjoys the most widespread outreach. [2] In the pre-modern world Sports played a slightly different role then what it does today and it was played for the attainment of an utterly different goal. In that era people played games mostly to please their deities so that they could remain blessed with fertilized lands, could get ample amount of rain in order to be able to survive and for irrigation, are able to lead a protracted life, oust demons, and alleviate sickness. Athletic competitions and other types of public spectacle was a feature of the religious and social life of ancient Greece and Rome. In Greece the games, initially, served as a component of various religious observances, as said earlier, some were held in honor of the gods, some as offerings of thanksgiving. Others, in later times, were held in honor of living persons. The Greek games complimented with processions, feasts, and music played an important role in development of appreciation of physical beauty which is typical traits of Greek art, literature and architecture. Until a relatively later period in Greek history, the participants in the games were drawn from among the citizens rather than from among professional athletes. As the games took on an increasingly professional character, they acutely declined in public esteem. Interestingly the people of ancient Greece celebrated sports over the years. They had a set of four separate sports festival namely, the Olympic Games, the Pythian Games, the Isthmian Games, and the Nemean Games, and were collectively called as the Panhellenic Games. The Roman games, like those of the Greeks, were partly religious in nature. In order to ensure the blessing and favor of the gods continue to shower upon the Rome, the consuls of Rome at the beginning of every roman year were required to hold games dedicated to the gods. Funds for these spectacles were at first granted by the public treasury. Later, the elite begun to exploit opportunities through these games to win the favor of the populace and vied with one another in the lushness and extravagance of the games and thus ended up losing all of their original religious meaning and purpose."



I think the article talked about the true nature of the sport and how audience perceive that. I think sports fans might found themselves seeing sport as a way to release. It brings them excitement that nothing can replace, the desire to win, to conquer the opponent. According the article, audience entertained themselves by watching these games, reading these reports etc. 

I wanted to embody war and sport together and I think the article brings the notion of "entertainment", which brings my attention to the audience. So I might work with something like sport news or broadcasting. Maybe a sound piece! 

Organism, Damien Ortega

I like the organic shape of the sculpture. The artist seems to alter the structure of natural object and compressed them all together. I think this work maybe shares the same idea of composing small parts into one object. 

Another thing that fascinated me is that the artist build the sculpture upward so it's not flattened. It made me think about the same concept of turning my concrete camouflage into something more three dimensional. 

The title is quite interesting too and it maybe represents some kind of joy or fulfillment to people. Matching something together in a seamless way does bring people satisfaction. The piece itself achieve that function of "visual organism".



I was browsing through PechaKucha website and I tried to pick something related to art to see how they presented what they are doing. 

From this PechaKucha, the author did not introduce too much about his personal details but directly dived into his work. His pictures were all about his work. He started with describing his works and projects and then about his motivations. The overall presentation was very coherent and he did not tell individual stories base on the pictures. 

I was thinking what I want for my presentation. I wanted to incorporate something about myself, some of my interests and my future direction. Not all about what I am doing right now. 


Drawing Is Coming Back In A Big Way

Drawing Is Coming Back In A Big Way

I agree with the following points the video made:

  • Drawing is the starter point of anything 
  • Drawing can be taken in many forms, not just on the paper

I think it's just because drawing is basically the beginning of everything, so people easily ignore the value of that in the creating process. I tried to push boundary of working in two dimensional material like paper but something else. 

I see drawing as a very interesting form since it could be developed into anything. For me, I should challenge the purpose of drawing, how should I celebrate the idea of "it's not finished", to keep developing that. 

Two Stage Transfer Drawing by Dennis Oppenheim

Two Stage Transfer Drawing by Dennis Oppenheim

I am interested in the intimacy between the father and son and wondered about two strangers and how they achieve this kind of experiment. I also appreciate the idea of co-working, in term of the performance, the artist turned the drawing into performance even though the outcome is the drawing, but the concept the process held outweigh the drawing itself. 

I was thinking utilize sensation into my work as well. I want to give specific mark to gestures and track down people's movement. For instance, blinking eyes can be circle and open mouth could be square. 

Drawing Restraint

The physicality brings another effect to the drawing and it creates unexpected pattern, it is controlled but also unmanageable. The artist' method makes me want to do the same, starting with something small, which is less restrained and more afterwards. It's like putting weight on the workout machines in the gym. What if I draw the same pattern but with more restraint. The progress drawing is going to tell a narrative and how it's gonna looks like. 

Ernesto Neto

  • ernesto-neto-humanoide.jpg.1
  • Organic form of the sculpture 
  • The notion of interactive with people 
  • Restricting into comfortableness

Liam Johnson


  • Use of material, light-weighted, bouncy quality
  • Fluent, satisfied. 
  • Movement under garment or structure
  • Structural quality, simple shapes. 

I am interested in this artist because of he combined very structural elements in to the design. While the model moves, the garment moves with the model. 

Rebecca Horn

Screen Shot 2018-07-10 at 10.42.14 PM.png

  • The shape of the structure is very structural and ideal shape for my project.
  • The notion of restriction and use of living creatures.
  • Talking about sexuality, body, and symbolism of the pigeon. 
  • Restriction of body.

Comme des Garçons

The pictures from pervious gallery are from 

Comme des Garçons / France Grand; translated from the French by Jane Brenton.


I like the organic shape that the designer created and they were embodied into human body in a harmonious way. She altered body features in a way, which is a very interesting aspect since it did not turn people into conventional aesthetic of body. 

"I would never be content making garments everyone else finds beautiful." Kawakubo Rei 2005.

(Quotation from the book)

I appreciate the concept that she started to experiment with garment and challenged the traditions. I would like to combine organic shape into my work as well. In stead of using fabric, since the organic shape of fabric seem comfortable, I would like to try out some material that brings uncomfortableness out of organic shape.


Eadweard Muybridge


Muybridge's The Horse in Motion, 1878


I like the way that outcome can be a series of sequence shot and wonder how it's gonna look like for our project. Since we are going to do a very simple performance, using sequence shot can also tell the narrative. The black and white contrast is fascinating in the photo series since the figure is not showing too much detail, but it draws more attention to the motion itself. 

But in my work, the structure and performance is equally weighted, I have to figure out a way that people notice both parts.

Nick Cave Sound Suits


Nick Cave really took the shape of horse and made them alive through performance. I am interested in the movement of the performance and the notion of hiding identity since the costume covered the whole human features. 

Also considering the materials he used, I think it's very rural. The whole color scheme is very playful and harmonious in a way. 


Horse Performance

Horse Performance

I am surprised that I found this reference to support our performance which is also walking in circle. I see the video as the training part, but I think I need more reference like this.

Angela Carter's Book of Fairy Tales


I considered  Angela Carter as one of my favorite authors, I like the notion of fairy tales because the stories are so strange and I enjoyed picturing the character in my mind. 

Untitled by Louise Bourgeois


I considered using fabric to make sculpture unconventional. 

Moreover, she is the best in terms of expressing her personal feeling. She is very brave and willing to share about her thoughts and attitude about gender.

Still Life by Giorgio Morandi

Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at 12.02.51 AM.png

The color scheme in his panting is very saturated and it influences my aesthetic about color a lot. I tend to mix with grey in my painting as well. I hope my painting can bring peace just like his painting. When you gaze at his works, you feel like time stops and you are just in front of those vases and jars. 

Also, his works are very domestic and makes me feel like I am someone's home. 

Still Life with Fruit Dish by Paul Cézanne


I considered Paul Cézanne as another artist who challenge the traditions. His painting is both realistic and unrealistic since the objects seem floating in the air. He did not follow the what he saw in real life but put more emotions into the drawing. 

I like the apple was painted by strong brush strokes and that makes them solid and standing on its own on the canvas. The red is never just red and the green is never green. There are so many colors in one brush strokes and that's why I like his works. 

Legendary Reality by Jon Rafman

Legendary Reality by Jon Rafman

Another trend in fine art might be time-base artwork which is film. Instead of going out world to take sources, people can work with software to create virtual reality now. I believe it will be popular in the future, people can immerse themselves in to a unrealistic world with the help of VR technology. The artist can be the "God" and manipulate everything in his world.

Also it makes people reflect on the effects of technology and should that influence art as well.

Barbican Gallery/ Dorothea Lange Photo Exhibition

In Dorothea Lange's photo exhibition, I noticed a very minor details about decision making. While editing the photos, the artist was considering to remove the thumb of the female. I think that's a very interesting point for artist to consider while making decision. What significance of doing so and the consequence or affect it might brings to the work. 

The exhibition listed out this detail and showed both versions. Decision making from Dorothea Lange makes me think about the definition of a perfect piece. In the photography, should the photo be edited or the photo should be present the way it was taken.

Experimentation Edition